About Us

This year of 2017 starts our 33rd season at Ambush. We thank all of our players from 1984 to this current year, as you have made this all possible.

From the single shot splatmaster pistol using a 12 gram CO2 for power and its 10 shot tubes of paintballs, while only wearing goggles, the sport of paintball arrived in Lancaster County. Ambush has grown from just a dirt farm lane leading you back to our woods and fields to what it is today.

As players traveled to play paintball at Ambush, they've seen the game progress. In the mid 1980's, pump pistols and pump rifles would now start to change the game. The accuracy would improve that longer shot, and the 12 gram CO2 would slowly be replaced with a 7oz, 9oz or 12oz CO2 bottle. You could now shoot hundreds of paintballs before refilling your air. What a change in the game! It didn't take the paintball industry long to see that paintball was expanding all over the world. Equipment sales rocketed and technology once again brings paintball guns to another level. The splatmaster pistol and the pump action guns at this point are up against a semi-auto rifle. Built like a tank, heavy and bulky and powered by a 20oz CO2 tank, you could now shoot 400 to 500 paintballs in a single game. A new level of play has begun at Ambush Paintball. Splatmaster pistols and pump action rifles would soon be stored away as the semi-automatic rifles took the game to yet another level. With all kinds of upgrades for the guns and longer barrels, allowed the sport of paintball to continue to grow. Technology makes guns lighter, faster, even in all different colors and shapes.

How did Ambush keep up with all this? Well from the first owner to the current owner, Ambush has always stressed safety, honesty, and sportsmanship, but most of all fun! At Ambush we've always created a change in our fields, giving our players the best we can offer.

With the sport of paintball growing so much, in 2010 Ambush added another growing sport - Airsoft. Airsoft is a game that gives you objectives and missions, changing things to a very tactical way of thinking in the game. Since Airsoft arrived at Ambush, it has grown a lot in a short period of time. Thanks to the local teams, they have created a great atmosphere for all the new players. All geared up and ready to play, the young and old take part in Airsoft. With equipment and gear continuing to improve, we at Ambush see airsoft and paintball growing and growing. These two sports are offered for your enjoyment.

Hearing the laughter, seeing the smiles, listening to all the fun the players are having surely is awesome. It is teamwork that has built Ambush. A thank you has to go to the players, the referees, my daughters and all the owners. A special thank you to the Grassel family here at Grasselville Farms for making Ambush a part of their lives for the past 32 years. Our location has created a memorable place for all of us who have played here or just watched the game. We surely appreciate having this location and we all thank you.

Phone: (717) 989-4519 :: Email: info@ambush-paintball.com