Ambush is over 40 acres of HEART POUNDING, ADRENALINE PUMPING airsoft action! Woods Fields, Castle, City, Speed Ball Fields and Bunker Hill!

All private groups require a reservation and deposit. There is a minimum of 15 players for a private group. If you have less then 15 players but still wish to have a private group you may choose to pay for the additional player slots up to the minimum of 15. This will allow you to have a private group with less then 15 players. If you choose this option please remember that Ambush is a 40 acre facility and some of our fields are very large and it really takes at least 15 players to get the most fun out of your game so we recommend having 15 or more players! Please call (717) 989-4519 or click here to schedule your private group.

Field Fee Rates:

$35 per player (Does not include rental equipment). $5 per player using air.


8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


As described below a $25 per player deposit is required to schedule all game dates. Rental equipment fee must be pre paid!

A $25 per person deposit is required to schedule all games. Deposit will be applied to field fee on game day. All deposits are nonrefundable! Note: We play rain or shine!

Due to the limited number of rental guns available players that need rental guns are required to pre pay the rental fee. All rental equipment fees are nonrefundable! Note: We play rain or shine!

Rental Equipment Rates: M-4, AK-47 rental guns = $20 (includes mask and barrel cover).

Players using Ambush rental equipment MUST use Ambush BB'S only!


A minimum of 15 paid players slots is required for all private groups. In the event that less then 15 players arrive on game day, your group will be responsible for paying the balance for the remaining slots up to 15 players.


CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Date



General Field Rules and Regulations

Who can play?

The minimum age to play is 10 years of age. All players under the age of 18 MUST have an Ambush Airsoft waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian!


Ambush holds safety as its #1 priority followed closely by fun and excitement! Airsoft is geared towards the mature, level-headed player. Common sense and the right, fair-play, honest attitude are a must at Ambush!

All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of the game!

When exiting the field(s) and returning to the safety zone and while in the safety zone ALL weapons must be safe: disarmed with magazines out, safeties on and PAINTBALL barrel covers on! Sidearms must be holstered. If you do not have a PAINTBALL barrel cover you may purchase one at Ambush. You may also rent one from Ambush for $1. No other form of barrel blocking device will be accepted!

Weapons MUST remain this way (safe) until players are out on the field and authorization is given by the field referee to arm them prior to the start of the next game!

Eye, Face, Ear Protection:

Full seal goggles and "Mesh" bottom are allowed (all ages). All airsoft players are required to wear a full faced PAINTBALL approved mask (per ASTM F1776-01 Standard Specification for Eye Protective Devices for PAINTBALL Sports) on all Ambush airsoft fields. Masks MUST not be modified or altered in any form! Shop glasses, firing glasses or sunglass style eye protection are not allowed and will not be accepted! The best source of an approved airsoft mask is a mask that was designed and rated for the use of paintball. Rental goggles are available for those that do not have their own.

Can I bring my own BB's?

Yes, players that have their own equipment are welcome to bring their own BB’s. However all players that supply their own BB’s MUST use white, 100% biodegradable ammo! NO SEMI BIO AMMO! Semi bio ammo has a plastic shell and does not fully break down and will not be allowed on the field!

Players using rental equipment MUST use Ambush BB's only!

Ambush has very high grade, precision, white, and 100% genuine biodegradable BB’s available.

Prices are $25.95 for 5,000 0.20g BBs

We carry several brands of BB’s – Airsplat, Airsoft Elite, Bioval and more.


Velocity Limits (FPS):

All weapons: gas, spring, and electric MUST chronograph below 420 fps with 0.20g BB's.

Snipers: MUST chronograph below 520 fps with 0.20g BB's. All snipers MUST be using a bolt action single shot rifle only. No automatic or semi-automatics allowed! Semi-auto and full-auto modes MUST be PERMANENTLY disabled! Snipers are not allowed in any structures or buildings due to the minimum engagement rules!

NOTE: Players using sniper rifles WILL be held to a much higher standard. Violation of sniper rifle rules may result in removal from the grounds, without a refund, and may result in a permanent ban from the facility!

Any weapons that do not chronograph below safety limits will not be allowed on the field! NO EXCEPTIONS!


Minimum Engagement:

All weapons that chronograph up to 420 fps have a minimum engagement distance 25'.

Snipers that chronograph up to 520 fps have a minimum engagement distance 100' (a sidearm or backup must be carried to return fire within the minimum engagement distance).

Players with in the minimum engagement distance MUST call "bang or surrender". Players that have surrendered are not allowed to "turn and fire" once you surrender the decision is final! Players that call surrender at the same time will be allowed to both remain in the game and will be instructed to run in the opposite direction within a safe distance from one another. Neither player may engage that same player until referee signals or voices to continue playing.


Additional Rules:

Additional rules of the game, airsoft battle objectives, etc. will be explained the day of the event.


Phone: (717) 989-4519 :: Email: