Close quarters city combat is intense and can be used for a wide variety of games. Our city is built like an actual small town, with the buildings named. Spread over a full four acres, our small town contains 20 buildings including 10 full sized mobile homes. Smaller campers dot the landscape and there are three towers allowing for an elevated position to scout the area. All the windows and doors have been removed to allow ease of entrance and exit. This produces surprising sight lines as threats can come from anywhere. You have the close quarters of going down hallways and rooms, combined with the longer distances in the streets.

On this map you will need to stay on guard. This map looks and feels like a town. The layout has been designed to mimic a real small town. The buildings are named to correspond to real world locations and are designed to mimic their real world counterparts. The church for instance is set inside a churchyard complete with graves. Buildings such as the grocery store or hardware store are great for scenario games. Can you collect tools in the hardware store and then disarm a bomb in the grocery store before the other team stops you?

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