Private Paintball Reservation:

Thank you for being a group organizer. All the information you need to organize your group is below.

Thank you again for choosing Ambush. We look forward to hearing from you.

1.Choose How You Want To Play:

Privately: If so, continue below

With Others: If so, check out our Paintball Walk-On Days

2. Private Booking: 

We offer 2 packages: 3 Hour Package or All Day Package.

      3 Hour Package:

Time Options: 830am-1130am OR 12pm-3pm

$400 includes: guns, masks, pod packs and 4000 paintballs

Additional players (after 10 players): $20 per player includes: gun, mask and pod pack. 

Reservation and deposit are required

       All Day Package: 

Time: 830am-3pm

Pay per player includes: gun, mask and 500 rounds of paintballs

$50 per player with 15 - 19 players

$47 per player with 20 - 29 players

$44 per player with 30 - 39 players

$41 per player with 40+ players

**must have at least 15 players

Reservation and deposits are required.

3. Making a Reservation:

Decide on a date you would like to reserve

Submit your Date Request Form to receive a confirmation on your desired date and time (3 Hour Package Only).

4. Secure Your Reservation:

Deposit(s) are required to secure your reservation.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be given instructions to submit your deposit(s). Any deposit received will be applied to your package on the day of your reservation. 

A $100 deposit is required to secure your reservation date and time. We recommend you submit this as soon as your date is confirmed. 


All Day Package only:

An additional deposit of $25 per player minus your $100 deposit is required 2 weeks prior to your reservation. This allows us to prepare accordingly for your group.

We recommend you collect $25 from each player for a sense of commitment from them. 

Remaining costs are due on game day. 

Example of Deposits: 

15 Players X $25 = $375 minus $100 (deposit) = $275 deposit amount due 2 weeks prior. 

Reservation Cancellation Policy: 

We hope this doesn't happen but we do understand that you may have to cancel your reservation due to uncontrollable circumstances. If so, please call us as soon as possible so we can refund you the deposit(s) you have submitted. Lack of proper cancellation, will result in a nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit(s). 

General Information:

All players must complete a Paintball Waiver (available at field as well).

Any player 10 - 17 years old, must have a parent/guardian signature on their completed waiver. 

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation time; to complete waivers, gather at your designated table(s) and prepare for rules. 

.Additional Gear and Supplies are available: 

Pod Pack Rental - carries additional paintballs while playing.

Chest Protector Rental - padding that protects your torso.

Camo Suit Rental - one-piece with long sleeves & long pants to cover your clothing and provide additional protection. 

Upgraded Gun Rental - extended barrel and double trigger. 

Paint Grenades.

Case of Paintballs (2000 rounds).

1/2 Case of Paintballs (1000 rounds).

Bag of Paintballs (500 rounds).

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