General Airsoft Information:

Who can play?

Any person 10 years of age or older is welcome to play at Ambush.

Release of Liability Waiver

Each player will need to complete an Airsoft Waiver before playing.

Any player under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature on their completed waiver.

A new waiver is needed each time you play.

Safety Briefing:

Ambush believes safety is key to having fun. Before you play, we will inform you of our rules and regulations for on and off of the fields.

If you are playing on a Walk-On Day the main briefing is at 8:30a.

If you are attending a private booking, the briefing will be at the beginning of your reservation time.

If you are playing a Scenario, all information for your specific game will be posted on that particular page.


Gun Safety - all guns must have a sleeve on (pistols holstered) and mag-out while in the Safe Zone. ** Sleeves are available to rent.

Eye/Face Wear: Full seal goggles and lower "mesh" or a full face mask must be worn at all times outside of the Safe Zone. **Full Face masks are available to rent. 


All BBS being used must be Biodegradable.

Gun Rentals are available. We recommend you contact us to reserve a rental for any Airsoft Event. We operate on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are using an Ambush rental gun, you must purchase our BBS.

FPS Limits:

Chronograph your Airsoft gun after being registered. An Ambush personnel will monitor, assist and "tag" your chronographed gun. All Airsoft Guns must be chronographed before playing. You must chronograph each visit. All guns must chronograph within our limits. Further details, rules and regulations will be discussed during the Safety Briefing.


Spring/AEG with .20g - 1.64 JOULES/420 FPS

HPA/Gas/Co2 with .32g - 1.52 JOULES/320 FPS

Bolt Action Sniper with .20g - 2.32 JOULES/500 FPS

Air Bolt Action Sniper with .32g - 2.32 JOULES/395 FPS

Sniper - 100ft minimum engagement

Full Auto Weapons - 20ft minimum engagement

**everyone must have an empty mag to enter the chronograph area!

  • Different weight BBS will be chronographed according to their specific weight.

** Drive Slowly in and out driveway. 10 MPH

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