We offer four woods fields spread out over 25-28 acres of Pennsylvania woodlands, rolling hills, and several small villages. During the spring and summer months the terrain is green and thick with underbrush to block sight lines and offering wonderful opportunities for ambushes. During the fall and winter when the leaves drop sitelines can be more open, but the debris can make for perfect hiding spots. Each of the wood fields is a little different, from easier or rougher terrain, rolling hills, and various other fixtures.

Three of the woods fields offer small villages to take and hold, with a variety of buildings allowing for some exciting custom objectives. One of our fields includes our famous Bunker hill. We created the Bunker Hill area to resemble a real World War II defended position. The field is complete with pillboxes to fight in, and around. Nearby is the village of Bunker Town, complete with 16 buildings. Perfect for a small scale cityfight deathmatch, capture the flag, or with a custom objective. Our final village located in the woods resembles a speedball field with your ability to quickly move in and out of buildings.Move quick to secure the area, but don’t get trapped.

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