Summer Camp 2023

For ages 10 to 16

July 10, 11 and 12   
2 Day - $240.00 July 10 and 11
 3 Day - $320.00 July 10, 11 and 12

July 31, August 1 and 2
2 Day - $240.00 July 31 and August 1
3 Day - $320.00 July 31, August  and 2

Airsoft Includes: Mask, BBs & Lunch

Paintball Includes: Gun, Mask, Paintballs & Lunch

Start 9:00 AM
Finish 4:00 PM
Drop Off 8:00 to 8:45 AM
Pick Up 4:15 to 5:00 PM
(We will work with you)

Our summer camp program is the perfect way to spend a summer. Time outdoors, plenty of exercise, and lots of fun. Our program is designed for beginners as well as intermediate players. The program lasts between 2 or 3 camp days, and runs from 9am to 4pm every day. Both airsoft and paintball are played to allow the kids to get a real feel for both games.

The first day is spent in different classes. We teach the kids everything they need to know about the equipment, the importance of the protective equipment, and how to perform maintenance on the guns. Sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation are a key part of the classes as we teach the kids to work together.

After that, our training focuses on developing the skills needed to be a "pro". We teach the kids how to clear rooms, perform snapshots, and communicate. Kids will leave our summer camp with the skills of an advanced player, and hopefully a lifetime love of the sport. Our typical summer camp is about 50-60 kids, offering a lot of opportunities to make friends. We have kids visiting from Delaware, New York, Maryland and all over the country. Parents can spend the day enjoying the beauty of Pennsylvania, while the kids spend the day at camp.

After orientation day, we break the kids into groups of about 20-25 and run them through all our courses. From speedball, attacking and defending the castle, fighting it out in the city, and exploring all of the woods fields. The kids experience every single one of our fields with a variety of scenarios to give them a feel for how they are different. Kids play a lot of games and have an absolutely blast. Our paintball and airsoft summer camp is the summer experience for many of these kids. We love seeing the smiling faces come back, slightly taller, year after year.

Rain or Shine

Play at least 6 games per day

All supplies included (except airsoft gun)

Learn techniques to help you play. You will be an advanced player after camp.

Learn how to fix your equipment

Fun Safety, Sportsmanship, etc., Taught

Lunch Provided (inform us of any allergies prior to camp, lunch options provided in registration form & bring extra water)



To register, choose and click on your desired camp days.
  • ONE form per child.

July 10, 11 and 12

2-Day Camp    3-Day Camp

July 31, August 1 and 2

2-Day Camp   3-Day Camp


Parents must fill out and sign the Paintball Waiver form and Airsoft Waiver form. Each waiver form must be with your child each day of Summer Camp.

**Waivers are provided at the field each morning. 

**If a child does not have a completed Waiver, they will NOT be allowed to participate.


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