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Ambush is your home for Airsoft and Paintball in Conestoga Pennsylvania. We have over 35 acres of wood fields, a lego castle,  a 4 acre city field with 20 buildings, three small villages, a 5000 square foot two story castle, and more. Whether you are looking to play all day, or a three hour block we are happy to match your schedule. If you lack a full team, we offer walk on events, allowing you to get a feel for the sport, and learn some new tricks from the veterans.

No experience or equipment is necessary, we can supply everything you need. We recommend if you need an airsoft gun rental to make a reservation as they tend to go fast. Our staff has years of paintball and airsoft experience to help get you started. Our team is always available to assist with any questions or problems you may have, as well as offer some tips to help new players get into the game. If you are interested in trying airsoft or paintball, or have been playing for years, come on down and experience our fields.


Our 2024 Schedule
Paintball Events
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An Airsoft Event

Sat. June 29, 2024

Information & Registration Here!

Swap Meet Event - Sat. July 20

Information & Table Registration Here

Premier outdoor playing fields since 1984.

You can play it all

Wood's Castle - Legos Castle - City

4 Woods Fields

Speedball Fields - Villages - More

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