SWAP MEET                                                                                                      

Saturday July 20, 2024  

8:30AM - 2:30PM

Reserve a spot - bring your own table:  $10

Reserve a Table - $10 

Reserve Multiple Tables - $20                   

Event Details:

Event Time: 8:30AM - 2:30PM

Set-up as early as 7AM. 

Rain or Shine event. 

Pre-Register to reserve a table or to bring your own: $10 to bring your own table, $10 per table rental or

$20 for multiple tables rented (3) under one canopy

**Table reservations are nonrefundable.

Bring cash or use payment apps for smooth transactions. 

 Target range open. Ensure guns are unloaded/Mag out

Use barrel sleeves when transporting gun(s) to the range.

Clear tables after the Swap Meet for the Airsoft Walk-On Nite game. 

Players will begin arriving at 3 PM for Nite Game.  

91 Hilltop Drive Conestoga PA 17516   •   717-989-4519    info@ambush-paintball.com

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